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Youth Entrepreneurship Advanced Program

Program overview

The program is designed for High School seniors to provide real world application of starting a new business. Students will work together to form a real technology business. Students will work together to develop customer usability, competitive analysis, prototype and sales development. 


The program is designed with real world business start-up  training utilizing  today's market based technology . The ultimate goal is to assist youth entrepreneurs in establishing a new business that incorporates technology applications as part of its operations and services delivery.

Population(s) Served

K-12 (5-19 years)

Economically disadvantaged, low-income, and poor people

Program status

The Program was launched in 2016 as a two year training and development program funded by E-Vision Project Development Corporation. The program produced 6 participants from local high schools. 


4 Participants from Pickens High School

1 Participants from Dorman High School


Top Graduate : 2018 Juan Garcia, Cutrite Landscaping LLC

Kwenton Waldrop 

Orr Luke

Avery Milton 

Jeremiah Drummond, Jeremiah's Photography LLC