The Meaning of DEPRITECH

Deprived of Technology:


any individual,social class or economic class of individuals who are deprived of technology in such a manner that it may inhibit the personal,business,or professional growth or advancement of the individual or class of individuals
low income families or those in urban areas with little or no access to the rapid advances in technology and facing the "digital divide" may be considered "DepriTech"

Academic Tech Team


To provide both a nucleation point for university professors, doctoral candidates and technology professionals with similar interests and background in areas of Technology, Urban Planning, Game Design , Digital Media and Science 

Carolina Technology Advocacy Program


Palmetto Leadership Institute 2019-21 plans to form Partnership with community leaders, Academic professors and elected officials throughout South Carolina and North Carolina to deliver the promise of technology to young people and their families in disadvantaged communities. The organization wants to form a statewide coalition of 200 organizations to support the Academic Tech Team, to build a state-based advocacy model to effect public policy changes and to accomplish tangible benefits for low-income communities.